Introducing the new Norbus fleet


24 Nov Introducing the new Norbus fleet

During the last couple of years we’ve made a promise to update a full third of our bus fleet, totalling 14 vehicles. Today, that promise has materialized into reality. The vehicle selection process was far from easy and random: variables like maintenance issues, emission levels and safety features have been key to determine our final choices for this much-expected renovation. These final choices took place after a rigorous stage of analysis in which we’ve taken the necessary time to study the options that succeeded in offering the best industry standards available in the European Union. We are now glad to introduce our new, state-of-the-art fleet, composed by Irízar,UnviMANBeulas and (our very favorite) MERCEDES.

Investment as a vow to our passengers

As the leading transfer company in Minorca, it is our responsibility to offer the best service to our passengers. Kind words, however, are not enough to accomplish our most ambitious objectives; we consider that the only way to achieve an impressive, extraordinary service is by investing back into the company and by establishing programs of continuous improvement. As a local company, our vision for the island of Minorca and the people that live here is one of long-term compromises; it is our work to secure a relationship sustained on the principles of mutual benefit, respect for the legal framework and quality transfer services. Our philosophy is not limited to offering comfortable, safe, punctual rides: we want to be recognized for our work culture, our love for our land and our compromise with the island’s economic and social development.

Moving forward in every front

It is no secret that a good service can’t be limited to – in our case – having a modern, last generation bus fleet. Besides the buses, we’re proud of our team of drivers and administrative personnel, whose professionalism and dedication elevate us as a company. In addition to this we’ve also implemented a new policy of digital transformation. For us, the transformation represents a commitment with our customers, but also acts as a reminder: we need to keep up with the pace of our times – if our customers are asking for this, this is what we need to offer. Thus, we’ve made a partnership with Shuttle Spain Transfers, a company with whom Norbus shares values and views. Given the weight that tourism carries within the economy of our island, we’ve decided to be part of the Shuttle network. Those who visit now have the chance to book their transfer of choice – from mini and microbuses to Premier vehicles – from the comfort and convenience of their smartphones and PCs in a matter of minutes.

Our bet for digital services aims to nothing but better solutions for passengers. Whether it is a time-sensitive transfer to (or from) the Airport or reaching a specific, out-of-boundaries destination, we have your needs covered. Being able to offer a digital platform that enables – among other things – tariff comparisons, vehicle selection and seat reservation is also part of our commitment to Minorca, its inhabitants and the people that visits all year round. It is here where Norbus and Shuttle Spain Transfers stand on common ground, sharing a vision of safety, service and efficiency that understands innovation as an integral piece for a better present and future.